Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another catch-up post! (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

* Sorry for slacking. There hasn't been much out of the ordinary going on and I've been getting some real, quality sleep.
    Thursday was awesome in that I can't recall anything that happened in a negative way.

    Friday Nixon went to school and was super excited because they were going outside to the playground as soon as he arrived. No need to take his jacket off, he was ready!
    I picked him up and he was ready to go. No bad reports from teachers, high-five to one of his teachers on the way out and we were on our way to go meet Mac for lunch again. We stopped for lunch on the way and Nixon was super great. Even while we were in the store with Mac finding a long sleeve shirt and hoodie for Nixon and when he was told "no toys" he was great! On the way home I had to stop and get my prescriptions, which took less than 10 minutes, but Nixon was waiting without his PSP and he was amazing! I was super proud of him!
   Friday was a great day, except that Nixon is getting another cold and not sleeping well. He gets all the snot and stuff in his throat and he wakes up because he can't breathe clearly. Poor baby., Nixon got to wear his Pinkie Pie costume! He woke up singing and very excited! He made a couple friends while waiting. There were 2 little girls dressed as Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna. Nixon spent some time chasing them and having a ball just being himself. It was great that there were no side glances, no rude words behind his back..nothing like that about his costume. Everyone loved his costume and were very wonderful about him wearing it.
Our family today

   Mac took Nixon home because the line for the signing was moving slow and Nixon was kind of at his max. I stayed and Nixon spent time with Mac without was wonderful for all of us.

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  1. Yay, glad it was a successful weekend, and that Nix could enjoy his costume in a safe place. You all look so cute! Big Mac totally made me LOL. Love it!