Monday, October 7, 2013

Friends are the best form of chaos! (weekend recap)

* Even though he was sick, Nixon had an awesome weekend with his cousins (my friend C's kids are known as cousins, because family isn't always born to you, sometimes we're lucky and we get to pick our family members!). Friday night Nixon and I spent the night sitting up sleeping on C's oversized sofa, because Nixon's cough was so bad.
I also spent some quality time with C's dog, Leonidas. For those who don't know, L is a husky and I have a serious fear of that breed. I was good with him, so much so that I offered to brush him last year when we had all returned to Maryland after being apart for 3 years. I was good...until I hit a snarl in his fur and he yelped and growled at me. Yep, not so old fear hit me head-on and I was a basket case around him.
 But we made peace this weekend:

* Saturday went by way too fast! We spent some time at a neighborhood bbq, Claire made an incredible chicken curry for lunch and the kids all crashed and slept well.  Nixon stayed in bed all night and had very little coughing. 
   The bbq was a house full of kids, noise and friends. It's obvious C has a great support system where she's at. And Nixon and K-bug were fast friends...even if they did spend most of the time fighting over the same toys!

*Sunday we had to leave. My goal was to leave early, but we got waylaid a bit. We left 30 minutes late and with all our stops along the way home plus the traffic we hit we made it home in about 8 hours. Not bad and Nixon was a champ in the car. Did not get sick once, liked the music I put on and never watched his PSP during the whole ride. Yeah, I may have bought new toys for him when we stopped for Boogie Wipes, but they weren't expensive and he was being awesome!

Just before our good-byes...

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