Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It was a geek-out kind of day!

* Nixon was being wild and crazy...typical 4-year old stuff, this morning.
me: Nixon, can you tone it down a bit.
Nixon: Why?
me: What's mommy missing? Something I have every day that puts a smile on my face?
Nixon: I don't know.
Mac: Nixon, Mom needs her coffee before you go all crazy, okay?
Nixon: Yeah. Mommy, you need coffee right now!
me: Yes, I do.

* So check it, Nixon's getting good at his light saber skills:
* Nixon somehow cut his heel today. He was fine until he saw it was bleeding. Then he freaked out! "Mommy, I'm bleeding a million bloods!" as he was crying hysterically. Well, as my rule is "no blood no band-aid" it was time for a band-aid. I got him calmed and all cleaned up, he was still crying and missing Mac. A quick phone call to Mac, good nights said and he was in bed.

* Oh yeah and his Pinkie Pie hat is finally finished!! YAY!
I love his pouty face as he rolled over while I was taking this picture. Moments like this I see my baby boy instead of the grown-up boy he's becoming. 

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