Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let the sickies leave the house!!! Please?!?!?!

* Day 3 of this pesky cold found Nixon awake around 7am, which I quickly informed him was too early and he needed to go back to sleep. He did, without much of a fuss, and we both finally got out of bed around 930am. He was still subdued this morning and didn't really show he was feeling substantially better until after his (our) 4 hour nap on the futon this afternoon. I could hear him breathing more clearly in his sleep, which made me hopeful he'd have a full night's sleep tonight.
   So far so good!

   As long as he sleeps through the night, without any night terrors or waking up because he can't breath, he's going to school tomorrow. He's asking to go, because he misses it and he's very upset he missed one day already this week.

no photo tonight because I don't want the flash to possibly wake him up. he sleeps lighter when he's sick....but trust me, he is still adorable, just a little crusty around the nose area! 

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