Monday, October 7, 2013

Let Monday be a good omen for the rest of the week.....because today was Great!!

* Nixon woke up today and was not ready for school. We worked with him and eventually he got dressed and we left for school.
   He had a good day there too! Learned how to wash dishes (this week is all about chores), was playing dinosaurs with friends as we left (his teacher said "How about we play dinosaurs who can't touch each other?" HA!) and even did everything in the circle today!

* Nixon's still a little sick, so when he got home from school (because today was cloudy, raining, windy and we had a tornado warning in effect until 5pm) we got into Mac and I's bed, snuggled under the covers to watch some TV and then it was nap time. Nixon took a 3 hours nap and then went to bed on time, without a fight!

* Nixon started crying when we picked him up today. He said "I miss Amber so much.", he was really emotional about it too. He's so crazy sometimes. I adore him and he came home to give Amber a kiss!

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