Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm not allowed to call other drivers "stupid", Nixon says that's a mean word.

* Friday was our road trip to see my best friend in North Carolina. Nixon woke up with a wicked wet-sounding cough, so no school again, but we were still going to NC for the weekend.
   My goal was to not cuss during the car ride. So instead of my usual bombs, I was calling people "stupid vaginas". Nixon corrected me and told me "No, mommy that's not nice. Don't say stupid!" So I dropped the stupid and called people "vaginas" for the rest of the 7+ hour trip.

* Nixon and I ended up sleeping in the living room, on my BFF's awesome oversized chair. Around 230am, Nixon started coughing very badly in his sleep. I woke him up and we snuggled in the living room in said chair, so Nixon could sleep sitting up. It let him sleep without coughing, but it was pure hell on my back and neck. But, I'd do just about anything as long as it means Nixon is sleeping and feeling better. 

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