Thursday, October 10, 2013

If I stop asking stupid questions, he'll stop having to answer my stupid questions. Some day I will remember that.....

* Today was wet and cold. It's fall for sure. I was able to sleep in until 11am because Mac got last night off. He was up with Nixon, who was very good about letting me sleep in.

* Nixon is quite possibly the most stubborn and picky eater ever! Today I gave him a choice for dinner: fried rice (he says "I don't know what that is") or spaghetti. After I explain fried rice and let him know he either chooses one or he goes to bed without dinner, he says "Fried rice! I want your fried rice, Mommy."
   So I make the fried rice, put his in a bowl, cool it off in the freezer and give it to him. He says "I'm not eating that!" and I was seriously sad. Mac wanted to send him right to bed, but I knew if I could get him to take one bite he'd like it. Eventually, thanks to me agreeing to give him a pickle, Nixon took one bite. And just like I knew he would, said "Mmmm, this isn't bad. This is good!" In the end he ate half of what I gave him, which was pretty damned good considering he started out saying he wasn't going to eat any of it.

* I had to run to the store tonight. Since it was wet, cold and rainy I went alone. I was gone not more than 30 minutes, but when I walked in the door Nixon says "Oh Mommy, I'm so glad you got home safe!". Ummm.....what now? Apparently, Nixon was worried about me driving in the "bad weather".

* Tonight I read Nixon "I Love you, My Only Child". We don't often talk about Nixon's status as an only child, but sometimes I like to talk to him just because. Tonight, after I read the book, I asked him if he was happy with our family...
Nixon: Yes.
me: Do you ever feel alone, without a brother or sister?
Nixon: Umm....yeah.
me: Really? You're lonely?
Nixon: No! I have you and I have Daddy and the cats.
me: Nixon, did you just say you felt alone because I asked you?
Nixon: Yeah. I'm really happy mommy!
me: Oh Nixon, I'm so happy too!
This is how I found him when I walked into his room.
This is how I left him.....

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