Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun day even if it started a little rainy.....

* It was raining this morning. It's a school day for Nixon, which is not a good start of the day for him because rain means no outdoor playground time...Nixon's favorite thing about school. I prepared him as best I could. I explained it was raining and that meant no outdoor play time today.
   I hoped for the best as I left him at school.
   I also let him do some dancing in the living room before we left for school. Just in case.

* I took Nixon to meet Mac for his lunch break today. We spent some time walking around a store waiting for Mac to get off for his lunch (he's in a class this week). Nixon asked for a mini Lalaloopsi doll from the toy section. What do I care, he was being good and it's a damned toy.
   So he got the doll. And he loves it! Even napped with her.

* To make up for no playground time today at school, and since it stopped raining, I took Nixon to a playground near our house. It was recently redone and today was the first time I've taken Nixon to see it since it was reopened.
   Nixon was loving it! He was on swings, there's a musical set with plastic bongos, drums that he could hit with his fingers, large wind chimes. He was in love with the music! Pure greatness. We played there until it started to sprinkle again. Then we went home to get lunch.

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