Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An apology...and then my kid almost made me piss myself!

(I have a good excuse for not posting last night. Mac had a sleep study and was given a sleeping pill for, with instructions to be driven to and picked up from the hospital. It was nearly an hour drive one-way and Nixon and I got home at nearly 9:30pm and needed to leave by 5am this morning. I didn't do the post because I needed to sleep.)

* Nixon and I woke up around 4:45am today, in order to leave and pick up Mac by 6am. Nixon was really good about getting up, dressed and in the car. He was even good when we got home and needed a nap (seriously...I was exhausted!). Nixon was so tired by 1pm, he was incredibly hyper. I finally had to force him to nap because I thought he was going to hurt himself! and I was going nuts listening to his hyper jabbering about total nonsense <- bad mom confession

* This evening, while making dinner, Nixon mastered the silent sneak up behind someone and yell "BOO!". It would've been a super awesome, proud mom moment...except he did it to me and I was in the middle of draining hot pasta in the sink and he was right behind me and nearly got elbowed in the face!
    Good job and the scare, bad timing.

* Finally....Nixon finally cleaned his room. By himself. While I supervised. When he was done I explained it's important for him to keep his room clean because for his birthday we're getting him a fish and his fish will need a nice, clean room to live in.
   He is super excited about his birthday gift! Nixon said "I can do it, because I'm a big, growing boy, Momma! Growing boys keep their rooms clean, like me!"

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