Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He's a Star Wars loving, teddy bear dependant, bed stealing ninja! ~~~~~~~~~ NINJA~~~~~~~~

* Nixon slept until my alarm went off at 6:45am. He somehow wound up in bed with me, which I did not know until after I elbowed him in the head while turning off (alright, fine...I was hitting the snooze button) my alarm. He says to me "Ow! Mommy, you hit me in the head." and me, being the awesome and caring mother I am and in a pre-coffee state, say "Well baby, I didn't know you were there."
    We ended up snuggling under the covers for about 15 more minutes (yes....2 more snoozes) before we got up and started our day.

* He is feeling much better. His nose is still running, but it's clear. He's still coughing, but it's a productive cough not a dry cough. He's on the mend.

* Nixon had a pumpkin patch at school today. They had a "farmer" visit, and the kids got to pet rabbits & chicks, they helped fill a scarecrow with straw and then they got to pick a pumpkin to take home.
    When I arrived, Nixon was pretty much reaching his max. I walked over and asked if he wanted to show me what he was doing, letting his teacher have a break, and he was good. He sat on my lap while the "farmer" explained the job of a scarecrow and he sat with me while the younger class got their pumpkins first.
   He chose his pumpkin and within a few minutes he was ready to leave. We left and I told him we'd get a decoration kit for his pumpkin later.
    We went to Target when Mac woke up and Nixon chose a great pumpkin kit:
Nixon and his Yoda pumpkin...the Force is strong with our youngling! 
* Nixon came into our bedroom and was totally distraught....apparently he had taken BeBe with him into the bathroom and BeBe took a plunge into the toilet. Nixon pulled him out but he was so upset because BeBe was "yucky and wet and needs a bath right now!", which is Nixon begging us to put him (BeBe, not Nixon) in the washing machine. He has never been that upset over anything that isn't BeBe-related.
   I can report, that BeBe was washed and dried before Nixon got him back. He's happily sleeping in bed with Nixon as I type this. 
   Crisis averted. 

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