Friday, October 11, 2013

Thanks for the compliment, Nixon.....

* Here's how you don't want to start the day:
Nixon: Mommy, I think you need more sleep.
me: I agree.
me: Wait...what time is it? Where's your dad? Nixon, can you hand me my phone?
Nixon: OKay, but you look horrible.
me: *roll over look at the cable box* Nixon, we have to hurry this morning. My phone shut off and my alarm never went off. It's way late!
Nixon: No it's not mommy, Dad's blue car isn't even home yet.
me: Nix, Dad's probably at the gym but it is late and we need to get you fed and dressed and fast.
Nixon: Alright....don't forget, today is "o" day. *he needs to bring something that begins with the letter o to school*

* Nixon had his first rainy day school day. Which meant no playground time. He wasn't happy about it, but he didn't throw a total fit. He was happy when we got home and he got a PB&J sandwich.

* Nixon chose his dinner again tonight: pasta, butter and parmesan cheese. And tonight, he ate all but a few noodles. It took him a while but he did it.

*  Tonight, Nixon helped me do dishes. He helped me load the dishwasher and he helped me put dishes in the drying rack. And he volunteered to help! I didn't ask, he wanted to help me!

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