Tuesday, October 8, 2013

He's always silly, always thoughtful and hopefully finally kicking this cold to the curb!

* Nixon and I were walking down to our mailbox (it's a community box with individual boxes for each house), when Nixon notices the house across from us has set up some Halloween decorations in the yard.
Nixon: Look mommy. I spy a moon, monster and a batman!
me: Really?!
Nixon: Yeah, right there...in that grass.
me: Nixon, who would you rather be: Batman or Iron Man?
Nixon: Duh mom....Pinkie Pie!
me: *laughing* That's awesome buddy!
Nixon: Because Pinkie Pie makes everyone laugh and smile, and I like to make you laugh and smile. That's why Pinkie Pie is the best!

    And there you have it folks. Flawless logic according to a 4-year old.

* Nixon's birthday is coming up, next month. He's starting a gift list and I'm asking what he wants to do for his birthday. Today we talked about his cake:
me: Nixon, what kind of cake do you want?
Nixon: *silent, thinking really hard* I want a cake with pink frosting!
me: Okay. What would you like on the cake? What kind of decorations?
Nixon: Iron Man! With a purple candle.
me: Really? That's quite a cake, my friend.
Nixon: But the purple candle is for you, Mommy. You like purple.
me: Aw, baby boy, I do like purple...but it's your birthday. Do you really want purple candles because that's okay.
Nixon: I'm going to think about this some more. I have lots of thinking to do.

* I think we're finally getting to the end of this awful cold Nixon's had. Seems he's sleeping the last of it off. He fell asleep on the futon around 530 tonight. By 8pm he wouldn't wake up to eat dinner, so I carried him up to bed, hoping he stays asleep for the night. Sometimes he just needs a lot of sleep to finally kick an illness. I'm hoping this is it.

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