Sunday, October 20, 2013

He's bossy, but he can explain his reason for being bossy....I'm cool with that because his logic was sound.

* Tonight we had chili for dinner. I told Nixon he had to try it. By try it I meant take two bites. That's it, just two. He did it, but it took a lot of whining and complaining about it in addition to almost 30 minutes. But the point is: he tried it and that's all I was asking him to do.

* Mac and I have a couple friends over tonight. We're watching the late football game, which started after Nixon went to bed. Nixon was in his room for well over half an hour when I hear his bedroom door open followed by his little feet coming down the steps.
    He peeks around the corner of the stairs and says "You guys, can you keep it quiet? I'm supposed to be sleeping but you are being too loud!", just as serious and non-impressed as could be.
    Mac and I apologize and say we'll be quiet, our friends also say sorry and we send Nixon back to bed. This little smartypants says, as he's climbing the stairs back to his room, "Thank you for apologizing everybody. Good night now."
    What could we do but laugh as he closed his bedroom door?!? A very quiet and contained laugh, but we did laugh.

* As I was taking tonight's photos, Nixon rolled over and saw me.
"Mommy, what are you doing in here? It's too early for wake up." he said to me very groggy with sleep.
I assure him I wasn't there to wake him up, only take tonight's pictures. He tells me that's fine, but hurry "I need my sleep".
    Yes, sir!

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