Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tuesday and's a two'fer!

 Nixon spent the day, well most of the day, in bed with a "yucky tummy". Mac woke me up, to let me know we had a little boy with a yucky tummy and he wanted "mommy snuggles". I happily obliged and about 20 minutes later Nixon was sleeping in his own bed, clammy and obviously very tired.
  He woke up and was sick. He was dry heaving, and asking for water.
  A while later he was eating toast and keeping it down. More water and another nap. This time a 3 hour nap.
  He ate a good dinner, went to bed on time even...and woke up 4 times during the night. He was very congested and stuffed up. I guess I should've known that today would start like this.....

  *sniffles* "mommy, I sick can I snuggle with you?" *cough, cough*
  Yep, he's home from school today.
We did leave the house for OJ and medicine for him. Then it was home again and more naps.
Sadly, after dinner, Nixon had a coughing fit so bad he vomited a little. I felt horrible because it happened right after he had the Popsicle I gave him.

   He was in bed for less than an hour when I heard him crying in his room. I rushed up there and found him in the middle of a night terror! While sick! He was a wreck and not making any sense. I would just get him calmed down and back to sleep when he'd start another terror episode!
   This went on for over 30 minutes before (I thought) he was finally asleep for the night. I was wrong. He woke up 20 minutes later, crying all over again.
   He's down stairs with me, while I'm letting his medicine kick in, hopefully he'll have a better night's sleep than last night. We'll see.......
My poor, sickly baby boy :(

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