Wednesday, October 30, 2013

'Tis was the night before Halloween and there was a skunk on my steps....

But he's just the cutest, sweetest little skunk ever!! I even gave him some kisses!

Yes, tonight we took Nixon to a neighborhood shopping center that was doing Trick or Treating. Since it was a little on the chilly, and because he has a school Halloween party tomorrow to go to, he wore his backup costume tonight: a skunk. Pinkie Pie will be worn to school tomorrow.

Even though the area was crowded, older kids were rude, and Nixon usually would've been overwhelmed and throwing a tantrum halfway down the strip of store fronts, tonight he did awesome! A little quiet or lacking all-together with his "thank you" sometimes, but he was spot on with "Trick or Treat!" and sometimes replaced  a "thank you" with a "Happy Halloween" instead.

He was overjoyed with his bucket full of candy! He even asked to sit down just to look at all his candy. Last year, trick or treating was a bust. We were new to the area, thought we had a good game plan, but it was raining and we ended up at the mall, with everyone else. It was chaotic and poor Nixon was not really feeling it at all. Tonight he was loving it! His bucket was filled in less than 20 minutes and he was ready to go home when we hit the last store front.

It was fun. Nixon was the only skunk we saw and lots of people gave him compliments on the costume, his manners and how cute he was in general.

There's a smile under the skunk hood!

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