Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yep, he can be a little know-it-all some days...lucky he was cute earlier tonight!

(my computer is acting like a raging asshole, so I won't be able to post photos tonight....I have no idea what's wrong with it, but I can't even save a photo from a website and use it on here)

* Tonight, Nixon got a very special phone call. His best friend from Okinawa, W called him! It was adorable to see him light up when he knew who it was and they spent a little over 10 minutes on the phone talking. They were telling each other about their stuff. She was talking about a game her dad was playing and Nixon was telling her about My Little Pony: Equestria Girls! Her mom and I laughed about that.
   The sweetest moment was the first time he said good-bye (they said good-bye 3 times I think before the call was actually ended!), and the both said "I love you" to each other!

* Nixon's got no school tomorrow. So I decided tonight is a movie night for he and I. We watched Monsters University for the first time.
   Nixon suddenly paused the movie.
me: What's wrong?
Nixon: Mommy, I have to pee!
me: Oh, okay by all means go.
Nixon: *scrambling off the sofa running to the bathroom* Good thing I have a peenie, I can hold with my hands.
me: Uh-huh, just be sure to wash them when you're done.
    He pees, washes his hands and comes back, rubbing salt in my penis less wound.
Nixon: Well, peenies are great! I'm a boy with a peenie. Girls like you, mommy, you don't have a peenie. It's sad cause you have to sit down and let the water come out. I get to stand and pee.
me: Yep, you're lucky you're a boy. And thanks for reminding me I'm penis-challenged.
Nixon: No. You just don't have a peenie. You can't grown one anymore, because you a girl.

Well played son, well played.

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