Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random hair color musing, brought to you by: a sappy mommy moment!

* I told Nixon I was going to take a shower, while he watched Phineas and Ferb's Marvel Mash-up. He loves the episode, and it's almost an hour long so I know I'll be able to take a nice relaxing shower, not a rushed one with him checking in on me every 2-3 minutes.
  Nixon comes over to me and says "Let me smell you mommy".
me: Eww..gross Nixon. No! Trust me, I know I need a shower.
Nixon: *walks over to me, stops about 3 feet away* Pee-yew, Mommy you stink.
me: Thanks Nixon.

* Nixon spent part of the day walking around as Bucket Head. When it came time to clean up, he was refusing. So, I grabbed his bucket, put it on my head and said "I am Mother Bucket Head, now pick up your toys!".
   Yeah, he laughed at me. Then I told him I was going to get the garbage can and he picked up all his toys.

* I asked Nixon about his birthday cake. He wants a pink cake with pink frosting. He says "Mom, did you hear me? Pink cake AND pink frosting! That's a lot of pink, okay?" Sure, that's fine with me kiddo!

I just realized as I looked at tonight's photos, how dark his hair has gotten. It's not possible to call it dark blond anymore, I don't think. He's truly hitting that brunette color. It was inevitable, but I never really noticed until tonight. 

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