Sunday, October 13, 2013

Yep, he's a pretty honest kid....he honestly thought my hair looked horrible tonight & he wasn't afraid to tell me about it.

* Nixon and I were quick to get up and dressed this morning. Nixon didn't know why, but I had a surprise for him. I asked him to put pants on and find socks, while I got dressed. He got dressed and was asking me "Why mommy? Where are we going? Is it a surprise?" like I would give away the surprise by telling him where we were going.
  We got into the car and started driving, Nixon still a little pouty that he didn't know what was going on. And then...he knew where we were. I took an unexpected turn to throw him off, and he kept telling me I was "missing parking places". He saw Dunkin Donuts and asked me "Are we getting donuts?". Finally I told him yes.
  He was doing great, until I told him we were going home to eat the donuts. He decided he was going to try to force me to stay and eat. I'm sick with a sore throat and coughing, I'm not feeling like being in public around a bunch of strangers who will just glare at me as I cough anyways. So I told him, as I stood right next to the door and the garbage can "Nixon, you can come with me right now or I'll throw the donuts in the trash and carry you to the car."
   He came with me to the car.

* We skyped with Mac's mom tonight. Nixon went to bed saying we needed to go get her. *sigh* He misses her and really wants to see her again, and we miss her too of course, but he doesn't understand that we can't just pick up and go visit her and vice versa.
   He was super happy to show off his Pinkie Pie hat, with ears and his Yoda pumpkin.

* While Nixon was in the tub, I was goofing around with my hair. I tried brushing it all up from the roots (bottom up) and asked Nixon what he thought. I was not looking in the mirror, I was just being silly.
Nixon: Umm....Mom, that's not good. It looks horrible. You need to fix it.
me: You don't like it?
Nixon: No. I don't like it. You look weird.
(I brush my hair flat and then repeat the question)
Nixon: Oh Mommy, that's much better. You look good!
me: Not pretty?
Nixon: Mommy, you're always pretty, but you're hair was horrible. Not it's not so bad.

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