Monday, October 21, 2013

It was an interest day....was totally a Monday!

* Today is Monday. Nixon didn't have school on Friday, so he has had 5 days off since his last school day. This morning my alarm goes off, I snoozed it twice and got up just before the 3rd time it went off. I walked into Nixon's room and let the alarm wake him up because, shockingly, he was still sound asleep.
   He rolls over, barely opens his eyes to look at me and says "Ugg... really, Mom? It's too early for wake up, the sun is even still sleeping, see? Can I have 5 more minutes please?"
   What could I do but give him 5 minutes?!? I made a cup of coffee before going and getting him, this time he was sitting up in bed but still not totally awake yet.

* Nixon's had so many good days at school, a bad day was bound to happen. Today was that day. According to his teacher he was loud and disruptive, but did participate after his outbursts. So he was just loud, but still not a good day.

* And then, finally, Nixon's entire Halloween costume is finished. He even got to try it on....which he pouted about while wearing it, then demanded to wear it longer after he took it off!

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